Friday, September 20, 2019

The Wizard of Oz cast list

Wizard of Oz - Cast List

Dorothy: Kya Patterson
Aunt Em/Glinda: Kaylee Cleary
Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard Nick Dame
Zeke/Cowardly Lion Seth Towers
Hickory/Tinman Kodey Howland
Hunk/Scarecrow Evan Cowdrey
Miss Almira Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West Breeonia Chandler
Professor Chester Marvel/Wizard of Oz Josh Surprenant
Munchkins - (Other people  will be added)
Citizens: Isabella Molina, Samantha  Huizen,    
 Becky Roede, April Sousa
Mayor:  MeMe Geysbeek
3 City Fathers: 
Munchkin Children’s Chorus:  Tough Kids/Tots: 
2 School Teachers: 

3 Crows: Becky Roede, April Sousa, Bridget Hosmer, Keziah Herman
3 Trees: Abby Pindzia, Michelle Baltruczak, Trinity Skowernek, Sara Phillips
Poppies/Snow (Chorus): Katie Zurek, Samantha Huizen, Emma Feustal, Keziah Herman, Destiny Anthon, Trinity Skowernek, Abby Pindzia, Michelle Baltruczak, Becky Roede, April Sousa, Bridget Hosmer, Jasmine Walters, Sydney Geysbeek, Isabella Molina, Lily Riddle, Kendyl Paige 
Ozians (Chorus): Emma Feustal, Katie Zurek, Abby Wilcox, Kylie Bell, Marissa Hammond and the Kids, 
Beauticians: Gage Houle, Jasmine Walters
Polishers (Men?) Lily Riddle, Kendyl Paige
Manicurists: Sydney Geysbeek,  Isabella Molina
2 Oz Men: Nick Groters/Gage Houle
2 Oz Women: Abby Wilcox,  Marissa Hammond
Winkies (Witch’s Army): Gage Houle, Sara Phillips, Katie Zurek, Emma Feustal, Kendyl Paige, Lily Riddle
Winkie General: Nick Groters
Nikko (Commander of the Monkeys): MeMe Geysbeek
Monkeys: To be Decided Later
Jitterbug (Lead Dancer): April Sousa
Jitterbug and Ghosts: Sydney Geysbeek, Bridget Hosmer, Becky Roede, Michelle Baltruczak, Abby Pindzia, Trinity Skowenek, Destiny Anthon, Sam Huizen, Jasmine Walters

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Student Directed One Acts

Here is the Cast List for the One Acts. Rehearsal Information and Schedules will be available once we set this up. There will be a small cost for scripts. You will not need to pay for a script for each show you are in.

The Odds are: Directed by Natalie Horrigan  
James: Nick Groters
Molly: Isabella Molina 
Lisa: Abbie Scott
Rob: Evan Cowdrey 
Holly: Kya Patterson 
Terry: Gage Houle
Jessi: Becky Roede
Adam: Tyler Risner 
Elizabeth: Destiny Anthon
Chirs: Alan Krul

The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza: Directed by Sydney Geysbeek
Narrator 1:  Keziah Herman
Narrator 2: Nick Groters
Pandora/Medea/Actor 2: Kya Patterson 
Uranus/Man/Actor 1: Parker Sargent 
Orpheus: Kaylee Cleary
Chronos/Castor: Kevin Polling 
Jason/Hades: Kodey Howland
Pollux/Apollo: Allan Krul 
Therapist/Atlanta: Becky Roede
Rhea/Eurydice: Jessa Edwards
Zeus/Hercules: Kendall Paige 
Harpies/Sirens/Lonely Single Woman/
Zombie/Girl/Charon/Woman/Police Officer: Kendal Bjorkman 

Superheroes: Directed by Josh Surprenant
Hawkeye: Nick Groters
Batman: Evan Cowdrey
Wonder Woman/Manager: Destiny Anthon
Storm: Isabella Molina
Green Lantern/ Spiderman: Kodey Howland
Nelly / Boss / Super Fan 3: Abbie Scott
Teenage Girl / Ulma / Super Fan 2: Abigail Pindzia
Penelope / Mia: Jamie Roetiger 
Orin / Jimmy: Parker Sargent 
Clark / Mugger: Tyler Risner 
Hulk: Kevin Polling 
Ventnor: Kaylee Cleary
Yorma / Super Fan 1  / Teen 2: Kendall Paige 
Robin: Taylor Smith
Felicia / Intern / Tina: Jillian Wood
Tommy: Kendal Bjorkman 
Tucker / Client: TBD
Women / Teen 1: Bridget Hosmer 
Garth: Gage Houle

Good Cop Bad Cop: Directed by Nick Dame
Chief of Police: Allan Krul
Detective 1: Kodey Howland
Detective 2: Evan Cowdrey
Jimmy McBleep: Kevin Polling
Allison Bloch: Isabella Molina
Carmino Barnes: Nick Groters
Mascot: TBD
Felix Latrousse: Gage Houle 
Mario: Parker Sargent
Grandma: Bridget Hosmer 
Tommy Blank: Tyler Risner 
Carol Bufont / Sally: Kaylee Cleary

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Cast of Characters

Barney Northrup-(realtor)-Andrew Taylor* (see below)
Otis Amber- (delivery boy)-Evan Cowdrey
Grace Wexler (Mom) - Bre Stackpole - Lindsey TerBeek
Angela Wexler (Bride) - Sydney Geysbeek - Kendall Paige
Turtle Wexler (bomber)-Olivia Montgomery - Taylor Smith
Sydelle Pulaski (hypochondriac)-Sophie Beechnau- Lily Riddle
James Hoo (restaurateur)-Josh Surprenant
Doug Hoo (track star)-Tommee Smith
Flora Baumbach (dressmaker) Lily Anderson - Keziah Herman
Judge Ford -Abbie Scott -Emma Feustal
Chris Theodorakis (wheelchair)-Meme Geysbeek - Samantha Huizen
Theo Theodorakis (writer)- Nick Groters - Kodey Howland
Berthe Crow (maid & soup kitchen)- Bridgett Hosmer - MacKenzie Heaven
Denton Deere (fiancee & intern)-Kyle Sokolowski
Sandy McSouthers - (doorperson but actually Sam Westing!)- Nick Dame
Podcaster-Courtney Mulder- Abby Willcox
Edward Plum (lawyer)-Lance Riddle
Corpse of Sam Westing-Andrew Taylor
Detective -Ty Maycroft
Dr Sikes-April Sousa- Alexandra Schmitt
Julian Eastman- Is played by Sandy
Game Girls - Olivia Meyers-Lexie Kelly-Loren Riddle-Jasmine Walters

For this show the next 2 Roles are HUGE!!!
Stage Managers - Olivia Caine, Elise Larson, Trinity Skowronek

Stage Crew - Destiny Anthon, Jillian Wood, Jocelyn Garza, Qatelyn Adkins, Skylar Boroff